Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival Modern Quilt Entry

I decided that I would add this quilt, just because I had so much FUN with it.  It started as a project in my head and then progressed into a fun Quilt.  You can see the link on the right to the Blogger's Quilt Festival and then there is a link at the bottom to the Modern Quilt Section.

This may not look like much, but it's been cooking up in my mind.   I returned to making fabric--by that I mean making a new piece of fabric from all the little ends and pieces cut off that could have been thrown away.  I started making little pieces from the bright Rainbow quilt I've blogged so much about.  I had them stored in a little drawer.  I just wanted to mindless sew.

 I found a lovely yard of linen in a scrap bag I purchased for only $10 and voila~an idea was formed in my mind.  So, I sewed a strip into that linen.

I got an idea from Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict
Now I get to sandwich it and start a process of quilting the heck out of it!
After looking at many modern quilts, I decided to go organic.  I started the strip in just sorta straight lines--moderns call them ORGANIC!

The very bottom I decided to just try some thread doodling.  I'm not using any pattern, just playing and getting in sync with my machine.
the back side

Pretty much this is my first try at quilting on the thought of "I wonder how this would look..."

I started at the colored strip with the organic "straight" lines.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to do my version of free motion quilting everywhere.  I tried it on the bottom and then wondered if straight lines would work on the top.  As I was doing the lines I wondered what would happen if I turned them.  So I added a diagonal.  I then wondered how it would be if I added some circles.  It was totally fun to do.  I had a blast.  I learned a lot.  This piece is totally for me!


Since it is quilted onto linen, I'm going to now wash it and see how that works.  I had some stretching as I quilted it and as I trimmed it the stitching seem to spring away from the end, so I stay stitched it before I added the border.  I think I would measure the end piece and mark it, stay stitch it and then cut next time--not knowing right now if that could work.  I would also occasionally mark a line to follow as it did seem to shift a bit as I worked down the quilt.  For an experimental piece, I'm still pretty happy with it.  I have that table cloth of mother in law that I still want to quilt, but I need lots of practice before I shift to an heirloom!

After washing--I like it so much better!



Small Quilt Entry in Blogger's Quilt Festival

 My entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival  (see link at the right) isn't entirely unique, it's just a big accomplishment for me.  I purchased a table model quilting machine in February and I've been learning a lot.  This quilt represents quite an accomplishment for me as a home quilter.  I chose a quilt pattern that would give me plenty of practice.  With that said, here is my small quilt entry.

I started it back in June and posted this about it then.

I also just played in some color with a fun pattern Found HERE
I used a recent purchase from Vicki Welch Found HERE  I had some Redwood and some other solids from her in my stash.  I love it! (It needs the final border, but I got the brainwork done!)  The quilting will be sooo much fun!

Now that center looks like this:

I tried a form of Pattilou's McTavish:

The balance of the quilt was quilted in tight straight lines and the bright yellow border was done in a tight meander style.

I dyed the yellow border to match the yellow in the middle.  It's a few shades lighter, but it worked.  I had some sheeting from a couple of years ago and I was able to use it up.  A 60" square quilt took more fabric than I figured.  I tried other fabrics for the final border, but the dyed fabric just kept with the style better than what I had first planned.  Just the yellow border took a couple of days to quilt.  I'm glad it's finished and I love it!  I needed the sunshine!
 Linking over to the Blogger's Quilt Festival small quilt's Here

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I've Made a Decision

Lots going on at my house and I need to get busy on some non quilty things, but I've made a decision about my Drunkard's Path Blocks.

This is the layout I'm going to use.  This will be the main section and maybe even a medallion for more edging to bring it to a quilt size.

This gives me a pattern for my head to work on and then I can sneak in few minutes of time to work on it. 

Here's the link to the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along so you can see what others are doing.

I'm just relieved to have a plan!!!!

Hubby's knee replacement is scheduled for next week.  I plan to sew all I can while he's in the hospital.  I won't be a helicopter wife, cause I know how it all goes and he'll need the time for rest and PT.  But, that said, my plans can always change. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Wee Little Step on the Drunkard's Path

Not much sewing going on here, but I did get 4 new blocks finished this evening.
I still am not sure of the placement, but I put the 8 completed blocks together for a look.

I have a quilt finished and ready to send to its new owner.  Just a peek for now.  I'll post the full picture when she receives it.

The picture seems to make it move as you look at it.  I'm glad to have this finished.  The fabrics are from Vicki Welsh shades of redwood and shades of black

I'm getting back into the rhythm of some sort of normalcy--whatever that is!  (smile)

 Linking over to Drunkard's Path Quilt Along and you can view the fun progress of other quilters.

Monday, October 13, 2014

My Non Quilty Life!

I've hardly touched my sewing machine this past week.

Next week hubby will have knee replacement surgery so we've been rushing the winterization of our yard.  Mother nature hasn't helped as yet we haven't had a freeze.  Freezing helps because you can then pluck the wilted plants and throw them into the trash.  As it is we cut, wait for some wilting and then put in the trash.  We have to monitor this as our trash only holds so much!  Our outdoor cover in the back is fabric so each spring hubby puts it on and then he takes it down in the fall.  The chairs need to be put in storage--yadda yadda!  That is done.  The tomato plants are wilting and I've been drying tomatoes in my spare time.

Then, I got the bug to redo our bathrooms.

One had a red paint I've never liked.

So---out with the red and in with a paint I'd purchased over two years ago for this very thing!

It took lots of taping and two coats of paint, and lots of husband help for me to complete the job.  One bathroom still needs some shelves that we purchased late Saturday.  I really need to get out more!  I found some interesting things at Bed Bath and Beyond!  I don't shop a lot except at Costco and so I was surprised at some of the products I found.  If I hadn't have been so tired, I think I'd have enjoyed it more.  But, as it was we shopped realized we were hungry, fought the Saturday night eating crowd and then found my shelves at Target!
Anyhow this bathroom is complete.  Love the new shower curtain and the imported from the bedroom art objects.  They work for a more sleek look--anyhow that's what I think.
I also think I'm getting too old to paint.  Next time I think I'll for the money part of it!  In the meantime, there's a bare wall in the bedroom and a wall that really needs touching up.  Then shopping for something for that bare wall.  This may take awhile so I'm not in a hurry!
Also for today--there's still some painting touch ups to do in both bathrooms and some possibility of a return for at least a few minutes to the sewing machine--and that table runner I've been trying to get finished by sewing the binding down!  Maybe I can get it mailed tomorrow!


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vicki's Done it Again!

I read the first post about Vicki Welsh's new Quilt Along, Found Here and I dismissed it because I'm in the middle of a few projects, but then by the second post, I bit the dust and joined in. 

I'd been making a pact with myself to make some "middles" from an old NYB quilt into a sort of drunkard's path, but I kept putting it off.  Last month I made one block and then promptly put it into a donation top.  Yesterday with the new information of how to figure for a pattern, I tried again.  After making enough for one block I cut the remaining pieces into 5 inch blocks and 2.5 inch blocks.  Fiddle dee dee--(recently saw Gone with the Wind again), I can do without that stress.  My pattern was all wrong and I didn't have enough fabric to make it into anything anyhow.  So now I have one block for November's donation to Sunshine (fall colors).

I then got serious about making the pattern for my next idea. It worked.  Just one small problem, I needed to trim .25" from each block which makes it 6.25 inches which I can live with.  So you can see my new idea on the left and my donation block on the right.  My project will be about using up some of the scraps from a previous quilt.  The fabrics are Vicki's!

My sewing room is in chaos!  Still working on HST's from Vicki's summer sew along and getting closer to a finish on that, but I'm still trimming HST's for my 12 inch blocks.
Then I worked on some crumb blocks to see how much of that fun fabric would be left to put into the HST quilt--does anyone else go on tangents like that???

So my spare bedroom still looks like this:

Since we haven't got any company coming, it will stay like that until I've decided on all the placement of the blocks. 
Tomorrow is full, so I'll be back to quilting next week.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

350 Blocks Report for September

My goodness!  I don't show much progress until I added up my scratch marks.  I log them down as the old fashioned way of 1111 and then a crosswise line through them to make five.  I counted my marks three times to make sure and YEP--115 blocks for September. 

There were a couple of days I just made crumb blocks to relieve some stress!  Guess they really piled up!  They are tucked away with the other crumb blocks.  They make great extensions for the backing of quilts since many fabrics seem to have shrunk in the WOF!

I am making progress on my bed quilt.  I decided to lay it out so I could mix up some of the newer colors with some of the older fabrics.  I was originally going for 4 rows by 4 rows which would be 64 blocks (I think).  I've sewn them together to make one big block and I thought I'd use 16 of those, but I'm going to make it 4 rows of those big blocks by 5 rows.  So, I'm going to need to scrounge up some more fabrics from my stash.  The four patches seem to run out really fast!  So if I'm counting right I have 48 12 inch blocks done and I thought I needed just 16 more, but if I add that other row, I'll need 32 more.  Better get crackin'.  There's still garden stuff to do--peppers and apples and hubby's surgery is planned for the 20th.

I may end up using this as the quilt in the master bedroom for the winter.  It looks quite inviting.  I think I'll use wool for the batting when it comes time for that!
I'm slowing making some progress on my 100 block quilt.  I've had to search the shops for some fat quarters that use the colors Tula Pink used.  It may take longer than I'd originally thought, but the process is fun.
So for today, I'm linking over to Prairie Moon Quilts for the report of 350 blocks for the year.