Wednesday, October 1, 2014

350 Blocks Report for September

My goodness!  I don't show much progress until I added up my scratch marks.  I log them down as the old fashioned way of 1111 and then a crosswise line through them to make five.  I counted my marks three times to make sure and YEP--115 blocks for September. 

There were a couple of days I just made crumb blocks to relieve some stress!  Guess they really piled up!  They are tucked away with the other crumb blocks.  They make great extensions for the backing of quilts since many fabrics seem to have shrunk in the WOF!

I am making progress on my bed quilt.  I decided to lay it out so I could mix up some of the newer colors with some of the older fabrics.  I was originally going for 4 rows by 4 rows which would be 64 blocks (I think).  I've sewn them together to make one big block and I thought I'd use 16 of those, but I'm going to make it 4 rows of those big blocks by 5 rows.  So, I'm going to need to scrounge up some more fabrics from my stash.  The four patches seem to run out really fast!  So if I'm counting right I have 48 12 inch blocks done and I thought I needed just 16 more, but if I add that other row, I'll need 32 more.  Better get crackin'.  There's still garden stuff to do--peppers and apples and hubby's surgery is planned for the 20th.

I may end up using this as the quilt in the master bedroom for the winter.  It looks quite inviting.  I think I'll use wool for the batting when it comes time for that!
I'm slowing making some progress on my 100 block quilt.  I've had to search the shops for some fat quarters that use the colors Tula Pink used.  It may take longer than I'd originally thought, but the process is fun.
So for today, I'm linking over to Prairie Moon Quilts for the report of 350 blocks for the year.


Debbie said...

The bed quilt is beautiful.....worth the effort to make the extra blocks. I tend to want to stop and make do with the size at this point, but have learned it is worth the effort to get it to the right size.

sophie said...

Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about colors for those Tula Pink blocks. Did you see the one made by a group near me that seems to have anything and everything used for the fabrics in the blocks ... and it works. I blogged about it here: ... and I helped.