Saturday, October 25, 2014

Small Quilt Entry in Blogger's Quilt Festival

 My entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival  (see link at the right) isn't entirely unique, it's just a big accomplishment for me.  I purchased a table model quilting machine in February and I've been learning a lot.  This quilt represents quite an accomplishment for me as a home quilter.  I chose a quilt pattern that would give me plenty of practice.  With that said, here is my small quilt entry.

I started it back in June and posted this about it then.

I also just played in some color with a fun pattern Found HERE
I used a recent purchase from Vicki Welch Found HERE  I had some Redwood and some other solids from her in my stash.  I love it! (It needs the final border, but I got the brainwork done!)  The quilting will be sooo much fun!

Now that center looks like this:

I tried a form of Pattilou's McTavish:

The balance of the quilt was quilted in tight straight lines and the bright yellow border was done in a tight meander style.

I dyed the yellow border to match the yellow in the middle.  It's a few shades lighter, but it worked.  I had some sheeting from a couple of years ago and I was able to use it up.  A 60" square quilt took more fabric than I figured.  I tried other fabrics for the final border, but the dyed fabric just kept with the style better than what I had first planned.  Just the yellow border took a couple of days to quilt.  I'm glad it's finished and I love it!  I needed the sunshine!
 Linking over to the Blogger's Quilt Festival small quilt's Here


Debbie said... put miles of thread to use. It is the only way to get there, too. Great job and love your Mctavish style!

Vicki W said...

I think your yellow border is perfect! I think anything darker would be overwhelming. It's a winner!

Kathleen C said...

It's wonderful! I love the colors, the placement of the fabrics and your machine quilting.

Leanne said...

Your version of my pattern is spectacular. I love the quilting and your choices of colours. I love that outside border in yellow, it is perfect!

Aoife said...

I really love the colours you've used. In the first picture, I really like the inks, purples and oranges that come together in the top left corner! The quilting must have taken a lot of time, but worth it for the awesome texture you got!

SarahZ said...

Sunshine indeed! This is wonderful! Simple and so bold!!