Monday, October 13, 2014

My Non Quilty Life!

I've hardly touched my sewing machine this past week.

Next week hubby will have knee replacement surgery so we've been rushing the winterization of our yard.  Mother nature hasn't helped as yet we haven't had a freeze.  Freezing helps because you can then pluck the wilted plants and throw them into the trash.  As it is we cut, wait for some wilting and then put in the trash.  We have to monitor this as our trash only holds so much!  Our outdoor cover in the back is fabric so each spring hubby puts it on and then he takes it down in the fall.  The chairs need to be put in storage--yadda yadda!  That is done.  The tomato plants are wilting and I've been drying tomatoes in my spare time.

Then, I got the bug to redo our bathrooms.

One had a red paint I've never liked.

So---out with the red and in with a paint I'd purchased over two years ago for this very thing!

It took lots of taping and two coats of paint, and lots of husband help for me to complete the job.  One bathroom still needs some shelves that we purchased late Saturday.  I really need to get out more!  I found some interesting things at Bed Bath and Beyond!  I don't shop a lot except at Costco and so I was surprised at some of the products I found.  If I hadn't have been so tired, I think I'd have enjoyed it more.  But, as it was we shopped realized we were hungry, fought the Saturday night eating crowd and then found my shelves at Target!
Anyhow this bathroom is complete.  Love the new shower curtain and the imported from the bedroom art objects.  They work for a more sleek look--anyhow that's what I think.
I also think I'm getting too old to paint.  Next time I think I'll for the money part of it!  In the meantime, there's a bare wall in the bedroom and a wall that really needs touching up.  Then shopping for something for that bare wall.  This may take awhile so I'm not in a hurry!
Also for today--there's still some painting touch ups to do in both bathrooms and some possibility of a return for at least a few minutes to the sewing machine--and that table runner I've been trying to get finished by sewing the binding down!  Maybe I can get it mailed tomorrow!


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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the yellow - must really open up the area.