Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vicki's Done it Again!

I read the first post about Vicki Welsh's new Quilt Along, Found Here and I dismissed it because I'm in the middle of a few projects, but then by the second post, I bit the dust and joined in. 

I'd been making a pact with myself to make some "middles" from an old NYB quilt into a sort of drunkard's path, but I kept putting it off.  Last month I made one block and then promptly put it into a donation top.  Yesterday with the new information of how to figure for a pattern, I tried again.  After making enough for one block I cut the remaining pieces into 5 inch blocks and 2.5 inch blocks.  Fiddle dee dee--(recently saw Gone with the Wind again), I can do without that stress.  My pattern was all wrong and I didn't have enough fabric to make it into anything anyhow.  So now I have one block for November's donation to Sunshine (fall colors).

I then got serious about making the pattern for my next idea. It worked.  Just one small problem, I needed to trim .25" from each block which makes it 6.25 inches which I can live with.  So you can see my new idea on the left and my donation block on the right.  My project will be about using up some of the scraps from a previous quilt.  The fabrics are Vicki's!

My sewing room is in chaos!  Still working on HST's from Vicki's summer sew along and getting closer to a finish on that, but I'm still trimming HST's for my 12 inch blocks.
Then I worked on some crumb blocks to see how much of that fun fabric would be left to put into the HST quilt--does anyone else go on tangents like that???

So my spare bedroom still looks like this:

Since we haven't got any company coming, it will stay like that until I've decided on all the placement of the blocks. 
Tomorrow is full, so I'll be back to quilting next week.


Vicki W said...

I love what you are doing with your leftovers!

Sharon said...

Oh Vicki leftovers! That reminds me a won a pack of your hand-dyes a while back. I should do something with them! Your blocks are great! Love the color. And the tri-DP! I do love the center arch.