Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Table Topper Made it to Canada!

You can now call me an international quilter!  :D

The table runner from Vicki Welsh's fabrics arrived safely in Canada.  The recipient seemed pleased. 

I think I'd quilt the next one a little differently.  I wanted to make this one tailored and it is that.  I was a little uneasy about putting feathers around the border.  I may try another one just for the practice of doing all the points.  It was a gift to the wife of a friend of mine.  We went to high school together and had lost track of each other until our 45th class reunion.  Then out of the blue he asked if we could talk on the phone and if it would be okay with my husband.  Of course.  So, we've been talking for hours once or twice a month.  He lives in a secluded area of Manitoba and for his retirement he bought a working range.  He and his wife do most of the work and many times he's alone.  So we talk about what he's thought about as he's worked and how much both of us have strayed if you may call it that, from our very conservative, religious upbringing.  It's funny, not too long before he called me I got my husband to look up one of his college friends and see if they could reconnect and they do every Thursday at one unless one or the other of them has something that comes up.  Her daughter was a bit concerned about her mom talking to a married man, but I felt like dear hubby needed a connection to his past.  I have several and he hasn't had any, so things have worked out. 

I love how this table runner seems to vibrate.  The fabrics are from Vicki Welsh shades of redwood and shades of black.  I used a transparent thread around the heart of the runner, and then matched the thread closely for the outside border which is a fabric I found at a LQS store near here.  She had 3 fat quarters left and it worked just beautifully with Vicki's fabrics.  BTW, Vicki has a lovely table runner on this Blog post  I may try it next spring when I'm tired of the fall colors of my quilted table topper I did recently,  Here
The next project will be for my friend.  His birthday is in March and I'm aiming for that.

Now to my next project spurred on by Vicki--Cross the Drunkard's Path  My granddaughter saw my design wall and she loved what I'd done, so I'll finish that one for her for Christmas!  So glad to know where that quilt will go.  It helps me get to the finishing of them!



Vroomans' Quilts said...

This has such a wonderful, soothing, earthy look to it - very nice.

Vicki W said...

It's so beautiful! How nice that you both have reconnected with friends! I'm sharing it on the FB page tomorrow.