Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Inventory and Other Boring Stuff...

My husband says I go about quilting like I do fixing meals.  I'm always trying to use something up! 

Yesterday, I spent most of the day sorting through started projects and making some blocks for sunshine; eliminating projects and just generally cleaning up.  In the process I made two backs and now I have 9 quilts ready to quilt.
In addition to those nine, I have a larger quilt ready for the longarmer:
I got some January (blue and yellow) blocks for the Sunshine Lotto.
Some February blocks (red)
Some March blocks (green)
These blocks were all in varying stages of completion, so I didn't just start these from scratch!

I previewed some fabric and then put it away for later--just didn't want to figure out how to make a quilt top for donation from this:

I got my closet cleaned up and reassembled.  (Sometimes in busy moments things just get stacked and old way).  Now that everything is in order I can start again at dissembling the neatness! 
There you have it.  I think I may make a go at making some string blocks today and using up some of the more un-favorite pieces I have.

Sometimes I think I don't know how to shop properly.  I seem to have lots of odds and ends that don't really play well with other pieces, so if I make some string blocks, maybe, just maybe I can make a dent in some of my more unwanted stash. 

...and for that list of what I wanted to make this year--well, I forgot that I like to use up things first!  :)

I see a day ahead of creating blocks!




Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great organization - now you deserve to go play.

Helen in the UK said...

There's nothing wrong with using up what we have first and organising everything lets you see what you have (and get at it when you want it!). Keep up the great work :)