Sunday, March 1, 2015


I can't believe my last posting was February 14.  It's been busy around here, but you wouldn't know it by my lack of posting. 

Last evening we attended a Memorial for a friend.  She fell on February 14 and broke her tibia.  I should say that she crushed it.  Hospitals and being dependent were not her style and I dare say she willed herself to pass on.  She was a remarkable woman, strong and determined and I'm happy to have known her for the past seven years.  A few friends got together Friday and I had this small token for one who knew her best.

A friend contacted me Tuesday and asked if I could make a quilt for a wall hanging and this is what I decided upon.  She loved blue, I don't recall seeing her wear anything but blue, and she lived in Hawaii in her early years.  So, it had to be blue!  She was a devout Mormon until she read The Sealed Portion and she found what she was searching for in reading that, but the price she paid was told here if you are interested: Ida Smith

The call asking for a quilt included one more request:  a birthday quilt with spaces for us to sign.  Fifty and Fabulous is the quilt that came from that request:

Of course I didn't get a photo of her crying upon opening the bag or of the completed signings, but anyhow you get the idea.  I really hurried on these two and they are finished when I didn't think they could be. 

350 block report:
I've been making blocks like crazy! 

Crumb blocks!

Sweet sixteen blocks!

Total blocks completed for February: 126

A Sweet Sixteen Quilt was completed yesterday!

There is a new initiative for Quilts Beyond Borders.

Syrian refugee project has asked if we can help them ship from 100-180 quilts every quarter (there are a few other groups who may be helping as well so I don't think QBB will need to supply them all).  They are doing workshops for the children, two different lengths of time, 3 or 6 months. The main focus is to help the children deal with their PTSD. They go home at night so the quilts will stay at the center and then when they "graduate" from the program, they get to take their quilts with them. The children range in age from 5-16 but they've said that the sizes we've been sending over there have been just fine. They have asked that no helicopters, planes or military scenes be included. The children have been bombed with those and it'd be very traumatic for them. :(  They did say that red and green quilts are very popular because those are the colors of the Syrian flag.

Another initiative is with Orphan Outreach in Guatemala that QBB also helped last year. These quilts would go to children with Down Syndrome and about 120 are needed there. 
So this green quilt will go to QBB.


Sarah Craig said...

Oh, Pattilou, that is a beautiful version of the pinwheels and 16s! I love the soft, earthy colors. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Your sweet 16 quilt is beautiful. And the project to send quilts for children is Syria is wonderful to hear about. I am sure it will make a big difference in the lives of many children and youth.

MartiDIY said...

I love your sweet sixteen! The darker colors of the pinwheel really make the design interesting. I wish I had done that now.

rubyslipperz said...

I really liked the idea of the commissioned quilt...that would be signed. This idea has sooo many ways to go. It could be used for baby showers or wedding ones...where people could write a line or two of advice. And, for 50th wedding anniversaries...okay I need to bring back my 'brain-kite" lol