Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Report

It's Friday.  The week has slipped by, but I've been busy.  I've been on a mission to get as many quilts completed as possible before hubby goes into the hospital for knee surgery.  I have three more ready to be quilted and I may or may not get them completed.  But I'm happy with what has been finished.

This quilt will go to Quilts Beyond Borders as will the others of its size that follow.  I made some HST's last summer to clean out some small pieces of fabrics.  I was going to make a whole HST quilt, but got involved in making 12 inch blocks instead.  I used up lots of green and pink in some 6.5 inch blocks and added to some plain white for a bigger block.  This pattern is one I created to use up my stash and use 12 inch blocks that I've accumulated either from the Sunshine Lotto or blocks I've made myself.  I can use 6 blocks rather than using twelve, but with a bit less sewing.  I use 3.5 inch strips for the inner border, and I've been using 3.5 inch strips for the outer border, but the last quilt I put together, I used 4.5 inch for the outer border.  That way with the 4.5 inch blocks left over I can eventually use 4.5 blocks to make a quilt. 

It takes 5 strips for the inner border with some pieced for one of the top or bottom borders.

It takes 6 strips for the outer border and there will be some pieces left that can be cut into blocks.

 I used some wonky swirls for the quilting and it went quite fast.
 A Michael Miller bright orange and yellow was the backing.  My that was nice fabric.  I loved the feel of it.
This is a quilt using 12 blocks. and then a border was added.  With the blocks on hand it worked up fast.  all but two of the blocks were from me.  This worked at getting a lot of green and pink into some blocks!

This little quilt came from "What was I thinking to buy this?" category, but it worked up quickly and I had fun using some outline quilting.  It also used up some fabric I got at a garage sale for the backing.  I didn't realize it was a poly-cotton until I pressed some of it into some blocks.  So I wanted to use it up as personally, I don't like the smell of poly-cotton.  But the little quilt is charming.  I love the touch of leopard!  I'd of never thought of using it with the floral.

Our Sunshine group came up with a Tahoe block that is 10 inches and I made it into a little quilt with black and white a the remainders of a "love" fabric I kept thinking I'd use, but didn't.  It worked well with the rest of the black and white.  The other quilt is similar to the orange and pink one earlier in the blog.

Got the random strings quilt quilted.  Boy it quilted up fast and fun!  I'd ordered some 50 wt cotton from Red Rock Threads that was on sale and I used it on the top and just LOVED it.  So, since it was a clearance sale, I ordered more to have on hand.  I really liked using it that much!  This one made it to the washer before I got the photo!  That got rid of all my big marker markings!

My quilter called and had my big quilt finished.  She's been working and had taken awhile at getting at this, because working on your feet and then quilting on your feet can be quite a chore!  Needless to say I'm happy to have this one finished.  It started as a HST challenge last summer with Vicki Welsh and I love it enough to put it on my bed, rather than as a quilt in the spare bedroom.  We slept under it last night and loved it.  We now have two quilts with wool batting on our bed and I can highly recommend wool as a bed quilt.  I'll not use any other in the future!  I wish I could afford it for everything as it is so lovely!

Note:  It now needs some additional pillows, but I'll share anyhow!

With my old fashioned bed, I'm just in love with the old fashioned, traditional look of a patchwork quilt for a bedspread.  Now if I could just find a bed skirt that I liked!  I really don't want to make one, but I might have to.  This bed sits just a little lower than many premade skirts.  The one is one I had on the bed and is one of those adjustable ones, that I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I'm thinking I need a darker skirt.  Oh well--that's done the road a bit as I have a few more things on my plate for now!

Well foks...
That's all folks!  Happy Friday!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wow, you have been on fire!! All lovely quilts. The big quilt is wonderful and looks so great on your bed.

Sheri said...

Love your big quilt!