Friday, May 8, 2015


I took a much needed rest from blogging.  I needed to get my head straight and my direction of quilting defined. 

During the process my quilting machine needed some tension help, so it's into the "doctor" for now and I've been piecing.  I enjoy that part of quilting.  I've slowed down and also worked outside in the yard.

From the book City Sampler
I'm finding my way through the blocks.  My design wall won't be big enough to hold 100 blocks unless I really crowd them together.  I'm working on block 50 right now.  I just trimmed the 1.5 inch HST's for that block.  These are all 6.5 inch blocks.  My granddaughter saw me working on this and would like it.  I'll work toward that end, but by the time I get it finished, she may be into another something and out of liking rainbows.  I'm thinking a pale turquoise green would make a nice border fabric, but we'll see.  Maybe by June I'll have it put together, and if not, it'll be okay.

There's a big HMQS in Salt Lake City today, but I won't be going.  I'm still in the mode of limiting my impulse stimulation and staying on course.

So, back to the sewing.  It looks like a beautiful day, and I hope to get outside today!


Helen in the UK said...

Glad to hear your enjoyed your blogging 'break', but kept on stitching. Love how your sampler quilt is coming together :)

Quiltdivajulie said...

Like the impulse stimulation reference ...

Bridget said...

Our guild had so much fun making random blocks from the city sampler book. I nee d to make a bunch for myself. Have fun.