Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm Making Progress--City Sampler

About a month ago, I was ready to scrap this scrappy project! 

But I stuck with it.

Thursday I went into SLC and bought 26 FQ's of which I only needed about a 1.5 inch strip from each one.  You do the math at $3 a FQ.  But I got the depth of color that I needed for these blocks.  It's starting to come together nicely.  I finished block 81 this morning.

Whahooo!  19 to go!  And they look fairly easy!  Yay!

I think I now have the pneumonia behind me.  It's been a rough 3 weeks!  Today the sun is shining and I'm feeling great.

Off to Idaho later to pick up the grands for a short stay next week.

Checking in with Whoop Whoop Friday

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

350 Block Report

I've been plugging along on my 100 blocks for my City Sampler, but I ran into the need for more blue/green toned fabric and I haven't been able to shop for that yet.  So, I started working on finishing up some projects.

I used some blocks I'd made previously for this little fun quilt.

 I had a fat quarter that I just didn't know how to cut up, so I decided to use it as the center of a small quilt.  The crumb blocks filled it out perfectly and I had just enough orange and pale gray polka dot for the borders.

I used a wonky swirl quilting that is fast becoming one of my favorites.

Then I used up some string blocks that I made from some purple fabric that was gifted to me.  I started out with a black polka dot center and ran out of it, so I just added a border on each end.
The photo turned out a bit blurry and its currently in the washing machine, but you get the idea.

The backs of these two quilts have some of my favorite backs I've done!

They really look quite cute together, don't you think?

I spend some time quilting a little quilt I did some improv piecing on and also did some improv quilting!  Nothing to write home about, but it is complete!

I learned some new things about planning and executing design in quilting.
The following quilt has been in my closet for a long time.  Because of all the bright colors, quilting it presented some problems, and I just didn't want to spend lots of time in quilting and designing the quilting, so I did some meandering and some circles.
I used up many scraps in making this quilt and bid a fond adieu to this little number.  It should make some little child happy with all the bright colors and Dr. Seuss!
Block count for May is 60.