Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Life is static!

Life is full of change!

And a big one is coming for Hubby and I!

We decided to see if we could sell our house and it was under contract the first day!

We've found another place with a yard but not much maintenance and no garden. It has a patio and a place for some pots for flowers etc if we choose.  It has no basement and no stairs!  That is a plus!

And it's in sunny St. George, UT about six hours from here!

No more smoggy, foggy winters for us! 

I'm so excited, tired, and a bit overwhelmed as this all happened within a week! 

So, you won't mind if I take leave of blogging for awhile.  I have many things to do!


sophie said...

It sounds like an exciting change for you. Good luck with the move!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a whirlwind - but sounds terrific.

Debbie said...

Wow...how quick was that.....really amazing. Best of luck with it all and we will be here wanting to know the details.

Helen in the UK said...

What exciting news! Congrats and good luck with the whole move experience. As we underwent this last year, it is still fresh enough in my mind to know all the work and frustrations involved. Hope it all goes smoothly for you and that you are soon settled into your new home and able to get some sewing up and running again. Will miss you in the meantime :)

June D said...

What fun! Sending good wishes for happy move. Post photos when you can!