Sunday, August 9, 2015

Marking Time

On our original plan we would be in St. George by now!

Darn!  We're not.

We sign on Thursday if everything goes as planned now. 

So in the meantime I've been painting.

This is my original hutch.
I wanted to update it.  We've purchased a new dining set in an antique white with a brown top--I'd show a picture, but there are mounds of stuff on it right now.  *gasp*

Here it is now with the undercoat of Annie Sloan website here   I found a retailer near me here and there isn't one in St. George, so I decided to use the extra two weeks doing some refinishing.  I love this paint as I don't have to prime.

As the hutch is now I will add a bit more orange and then I'll wax it in the clear wax and then add a bit of antiquing with the dark wax, but I'll wait to do that after we move just in case there are some scratches and stuff I need to touch up.  I'll probably add copper hardware.  I'll keep the top open without the doors (I'm keeping them just in case I change my mind.)  I'll then look for baskets for the bottom.  Maybe two on each side, but for sure, one on each side.

My other things are wrapped in old sheets and in the garage awaiting the move.  I'll update you all after we are settled, but here's a hint.  My son said, "You've waited a long time for turquoise to return haven't you, Mom!"  And another: the Vintage on Main had some Fiesta ware in a turquoise that works beautifully for this color and then Macy's was having a sale and I added some other pieces in orange.  My colorful side is sure to come out!  I have a bright orange area rug in my cart at Overstock!

Getting excited!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I was just thinking of you today. Things take care of themselves in due time - and you are using that time on something wonderful.