Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In Your Neighborhood

Last winter I wanted to do something modern.

I enlisted in a class in Cedar City and precut all the pieces and labeled them.  It was a big job as they were made in block subsets and then sewn together.

I went to the class, but my learning style did not match the noise in the class.  I got very distracted and finally just left early.

I was just going to not finish the quilt and was going to give away what I'd started.  I had it in my sewing room and didn't think to close the door.

The dog got in and made a bit of a mess of my piling system.  So I patiently put it together and decided if I'd done that much I could finish the quilt. 
I texted a friend and told her I'd like to give it to her for her new granddaughter.  I was just going to free motion quilt it.  I was going to leave the "roads," but they looked funny and I thought they might pucker, so I started quilting them in pebbles.

Well it became quite a quilting project, but I did finish. 

The last two roads were done with parallel lines.
I'll take it to the Modern Quilt Guild meeting this week and then take it with me when I go to Salt Lake and deliver it to my friend.

Goodness, I Forget it's Fall

The weather here in Southern Utah is warm and very mild.  I forget it's November.

I've been going through some photos of quilts I've made so I can remember and I've really been remiss on this blog.  I seem to post to Facebook, but neglect to post here.  This quilt was finished sometime this late summer for a present for my hubby.

Adjusting for the size of the fabric I had made it difficult to figure out the strips, but I finally figured something out that fit, so I sewed it together!  Sometimes my planning skills could be better, but things seem to always work out somehow.

This is how it looks at the foot of the bed.

I used Minky on the back and it is cuddly, but sometimes a bit warm, but hubby loves it and so does Bentley the dog.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Saving Chunks of Quilts

Sometimes there are chunks of a quilt that aren't used in the quilt and with this one, I put them into a baggie with all the extra fabric that came in the kit.  I was able to utilize all the pieces and some fabric I had that was just too cute to cut.  That fabric made a perfect border for this quilt.  Hubby saw it and wanted it as his, so I took it to the quilter with Minkee fabric for the backing.

About April, I made this quilt for a friend and her new baby.

And then I had lots of fabric left so I made this four patch quilt.  After it was all finished, I noticed the one set of four patches going the wrong way.  My sis liked it, so I sent it to her.  She put it in her yoga room.

I played around on my quilting machine for this one.

Then I had a stack of HST's from the first one that I didn't use, cause I was mindlessly making half square triangles.

I had enough to make this quilt.
Diamonds in the Rough

The process of making the rows of 3 inch squares.

I thought I'd go crazy then I came up with the idea of marking with a washable pen each row and sometimes numbers going across.  there were 21 across and 23 down.  I used lime green minkee on the back and had it professionally quilted.  I thought I'd give it away, but now I think I'll put it on the spare bed at the foot of the bed.  When I get the pillow shams done, I take a photo of it all.

I'm not through with lime green and navy for awhile!

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders

 Sometimes the mindless sewing that we do comes together in a quilt.  This quilt is now finished and ready to go into a box to Quilts Beyond Borders.  There are many places around the world these go.  I think this will go to Syria.

This is the backing:

I got some tops from the Sunshine Yahoo Group.  Each month those that want to participate send in 12 inch blocks.  These were sewn together by a member Tammy and then sent to me for finishing.  I was able to use up many smaller pieces for the backings.  These will go into the box also.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I Quilt--What's Your super Power!

 This morning I opened a thank you card from a woman I've never met.  The tenderness in that card made me weep a bit. 

Let me tell you the story.  I have a sister in Atlanta that loves my quilts and I send some to her often through the year.  She hangs them around her house changing them often as the mood strikes.  She lives in an older house that really needs a remodel, but the quilts soften the starkness of her house and gives her comfort.

In 2011 I sent her this quilt.

It had this on the back.

That fabric was some of my favorites and I tried making up a design for the front and I was a little disappointed in it, but she loved it.  And she love the horses on the back.  I wanted it to be a Southwestern design. 

Anyhow, recently a client came in, that Pam had known for 30 years, but the years had slipped away and this was a renewal of friendship.  The client brought her grandson with her.  He is five.  Barbara, the grandmother teaches yoga and takes her grandson with her to all her classes.  Pam felt he needed a yoga mat so to speak that was his own, so she let him pick which quilt he wanted.  He picked this one.

This is what Barbara said in her note: "When I was folding it up to take out to the car he said, "I still get to take my quilt home...right?"

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness to allow my grandson to have this gift that he treasures because it is HIS"

As I was looking through the photos I've kept through the years, I realize how many quilts I've made.  Many I don't even know where they are.  They may be with a child somewhere that can only claim a quilt as his/her own.  I know I can't do any more in this world right now than have hope for the future and continue making children's quilts to send to someone somewhere that may need a hug and something to touch when they go to sleep at night because their plight is so tenuous that they don't even have a bed to call their own.

It's funny.  I have some of that horse fabric left.  I just couldn't make it into another quilt.  Now I know I can make Pam a replacement of some kind for this one that she gave away!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Okay! I'm Biting the Bullet!

I promised a post about Phillipa Naylor awhile back.  I had so much fun in the class  on making curves that I signed up for another on finishing techniques. 

This is the book I've had for maybe 8 years and have loved her style, so when she came to St George, of course I wanted to take classes--there was just that little deal in the way--$100 per class.  Hubby pitched in and bought two of them for me for my birthday!


She is just a delightful person!  So relaxed and unassuming!

These are the samples she brought for the 4 day teaching sessions.  Her classes became so full that they added another set and that's how I got in for the second one.  Ladies came from all over the US to this class.  I sat by a woman from New York!
Some casual photos of Phillipa.

and the wall board covered with felt that I'd love to have for a design wall!

My project photo of how to do a hanging sleeve.
My curved piecing isn't finished yet as I've been so busy going through my stash and sending of boxes to women who will use it in donation quilts.  I'll post another post of some of my quilting and piecing from the last two weeks.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Back into Quilting Full Speed Ahead

For a couple of weeks on my list has been to make a blog post. 

Today I'm at it!

I'll not bore you with everything that's been going on since the last post, but I'll show just a couple of completions to date.

First, I'd had two quilts at a quilter for months!  I couldn't get a response from her and I thought I'd lost them forever.  I was sick.  She finally responded and I GOT THEM BACK.

This one went to a friend from Canada, that I've known for years.  He came here recently to visit his mother, and I was able to present this quilt to him in person!

I had searched the internet for a pattern using principles of the Golden Mean, which had lots of meaning to him.  I found a kit on Jinny Beyer Studio and bought the kit.  Thank goodness I got it back because the kit is no longer available.  The pattern still is available though and it is called Da Vinci.

This next quilt is one I've blogged about and it was a long time in the making.  I would have had it quilted differently, but the quilter just because of her guilt at having the quilts so long, just chose a pattern for the quilting and finished it.  I'm so glad to have it back that it doesn't matter.  I still need to bind it, but I put it on my bed to see what it looks like.  I'm thrilled.  It was to be for my granddaughter, but I made her another when this one was "lost."
 Tula Pink City Sample Quilt

This is the quilt I finished for granddaughter.  She's a fan of Minkee fabric on the back, so that's what I did. She loves it.

                                                             Kylie's Quilt about 60 x 80

Yesterday I spent the day in a class with Phillipa Naylor.  It was without a doubt the best class I've been to.  I'll blog more about it later...

Good it be back into full swing!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Few Days in Salt Lake City

I spent a few days in Salt Lake City last week.

Came home and promptly got the stomach flu.  I think I'm over it now and can hopefully get a few things done.

I sandwiched this quilt top and need to go buy thread to quilt it. 
It's just like the pink and grey one I did earlier this year.  The receiver requested blue and green.  I love this combo!

I also got to visit my second son and his wife and the kids for lunch!
 He's not so sure about this Grammy thing!
When did she turn into a teenager?
I visited my dear friend and got my hair colored!  Whoopee!