Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mindless Sewing and Such

I've noticed that I've been doing lots and lots of cutting and sewing in preparation for quilts.  HST's are time consuming for me and it's okay as that's when I ground myself and think a lot.  I cut them 1/2 inch bigger than needed and then press the seam open and then trim them.  Sometimes not much comes off, but the repetitive motion seems to calm down my brain from over stimulation.

I have a housemate now, so my sewing room is gone, and with that my wall.  I've made my dining room into my cutting and trimming room.  It works.  I don't have much company, but I can get up and any hour and quietly cut and measure and press.

My latest collections are for another baby quilt:

Slowly but surely I'm tackling the various fabrics I've collected and have lost affinity for.  I'm making them into a pattern I found from  It's called Milky way.  I think I'll adjust it for donation quilts.  It's a free pattern and a little different from the Jacob's Ladder I use often, using the same basic pieces, just a different configuration.  You can see the  tessellating stars if you look closely.  I'm finding I do better by just adding one third of the block at a time.

I think I'll do one more strip and then add four patch units around the edge.  I have enough fabric to last a long time for this at the speed I'm going, but I find I no longer feel a need to race through things towards a finish, just meandering through the process.



Debbie said...

You sound quite calm in your post. So glad you have adjusted to whatever changes are going on rather than being over taken by them, which is what I usually do. Mindless sewing always helps. Love your Jacobs ladder....such a great pattern.

Helen in the UK said...

Glad to hear that things seem to be settling for you. There is certainly no need to rush at your projects, taking time to enjoy the process is wonderful :)