Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I Quilt--What's Your super Power!

 This morning I opened a thank you card from a woman I've never met.  The tenderness in that card made me weep a bit. 

Let me tell you the story.  I have a sister in Atlanta that loves my quilts and I send some to her often through the year.  She hangs them around her house changing them often as the mood strikes.  She lives in an older house that really needs a remodel, but the quilts soften the starkness of her house and gives her comfort.

In 2011 I sent her this quilt.

It had this on the back.

That fabric was some of my favorites and I tried making up a design for the front and I was a little disappointed in it, but she loved it.  And she love the horses on the back.  I wanted it to be a Southwestern design. 

Anyhow, recently a client came in, that Pam had known for 30 years, but the years had slipped away and this was a renewal of friendship.  The client brought her grandson with her.  He is five.  Barbara, the grandmother teaches yoga and takes her grandson with her to all her classes.  Pam felt he needed a yoga mat so to speak that was his own, so she let him pick which quilt he wanted.  He picked this one.

This is what Barbara said in her note: "When I was folding it up to take out to the car he said, "I still get to take my quilt home...right?"

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness to allow my grandson to have this gift that he treasures because it is HIS"

As I was looking through the photos I've kept through the years, I realize how many quilts I've made.  Many I don't even know where they are.  They may be with a child somewhere that can only claim a quilt as his/her own.  I know I can't do any more in this world right now than have hope for the future and continue making children's quilts to send to someone somewhere that may need a hug and something to touch when they go to sleep at night because their plight is so tenuous that they don't even have a bed to call their own.

It's funny.  I have some of that horse fabric left.  I just couldn't make it into another quilt.  Now I know I can make Pam a replacement of some kind for this one that she gave away!


mkhquilts said...

What a Lovely story! So wonderful to think of what a quilt can mean to someone! This inspires me to continue giving to my quilt guild's charity central!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You made and passed on a hug, which was then loved and passed on for another hug - just what a quilt should do.

Vicki W said...

And that's why we quilt!