Saturday, August 6, 2016

Okay! I'm Biting the Bullet!

I promised a post about Phillipa Naylor awhile back.  I had so much fun in the class  on making curves that I signed up for another on finishing techniques. 

This is the book I've had for maybe 8 years and have loved her style, so when she came to St George, of course I wanted to take classes--there was just that little deal in the way--$100 per class.  Hubby pitched in and bought two of them for me for my birthday!

She is just a delightful person!  So relaxed and unassuming!

These are the samples she brought for the 4 day teaching sessions.  Her classes became so full that they added another set and that's how I got in for the second one.  Ladies came from all over the US to this class.  I sat by a woman from New York!
Some casual photos of Phillipa.

and the wall board covered with felt that I'd love to have for a design wall!

My project photo of how to do a hanging sleeve.
My curved piecing isn't finished yet as I've been so busy going through my stash and sending of boxes to women who will use it in donation quilts.  I'll post another post of some of my quilting and piecing from the last two weeks.

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