Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Saving Chunks of Quilts

Sometimes there are chunks of a quilt that aren't used in the quilt and with this one, I put them into a baggie with all the extra fabric that came in the kit.  I was able to utilize all the pieces and some fabric I had that was just too cute to cut.  That fabric made a perfect border for this quilt.  Hubby saw it and wanted it as his, so I took it to the quilter with Minkee fabric for the backing.

About April, I made this quilt for a friend and her new baby.

And then I had lots of fabric left so I made this four patch quilt.  After it was all finished, I noticed the one set of four patches going the wrong way.  My sis liked it, so I sent it to her.  She put it in her yoga room.

I played around on my quilting machine for this one.

Then I had a stack of HST's from the first one that I didn't use, cause I was mindlessly making half square triangles.

I had enough to make this quilt.
Diamonds in the Rough

The process of making the rows of 3 inch squares.

I thought I'd go crazy then I came up with the idea of marking with a washable pen each row and sometimes numbers going across.  there were 21 across and 23 down.  I used lime green minkee on the back and had it professionally quilted.  I thought I'd give it away, but now I think I'll put it on the spare bed at the foot of the bed.  When I get the pillow shams done, I take a photo of it all.

I'm not through with lime green and navy for awhile!

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Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Nice finishes!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

You have done a fabulous job of taking the left overs from one quilt and using them in the next in unexpected ways. What really grabbed my attention was the unexpected four patch that broke the pattern. Serendipitious moments can produce the best designs.

Michelle said...

I love how you can get such different quilts out of the same fabrics.

June D said...

Very impressive work! : )