Friday, February 23, 2018

Something Other Than Quilting

Somehow I got the wild hair that I wanted to change my kitchen.  I started looking at pinterest.  I found several great ideas and decided for me that chalk paint would be the way to go.  A local business that sells Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was having a class.  I signed up so I could add a few tricks to my repertoire.

Before I start the story, here is my finished kitchen.

This is the kitchen before starting:

I wasn't sure of the color so I gathered some swatches.

I thought I might like orange, but I just wasn't sure.  I thought underneath my first desire that the old ocher was probably the best color and one I wouldn't tire of.  

So I went to the class.  The instructor said don't chose something close to your wall color.  So I picked old white.  I also did one in orange just to see.

 *Didn't like either.  So I tried brown and the old ocher.

I decided on old ocher and went to work.  
I did the bottom first.  I found some really sloppy work by the cabinet makers.
First I decided to use the brown as a backsplash.  I thought it would really go with the granite that was installed, but that I didn't really like.

Onto more of the bottom.
I knew now, that I really liked the color choices I'd made.

Here is the finished kitchen.  Red rugs have been ordered for the stove and sink fronts.  Hubby added new hardware.  
I love the new look!


Marci Roberts said...

WOW! What a difference! I wouldn’t have thought it was the same kitchen. Looks absolutely beautiful. Good job.

June D said...

The new is so much better! So is all the paint you used chalk paint? What makes it different?
We painted our cabinets a few years ago, already looks used. We used white paint for all the cabinets. I think a different color on the bottom would be good - never thought about painting the wall between the counter and cabinet a different color. Great look!